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    3map - the Free Geospace Engine

    3map is a Free Software project being built with the support of the Telstra Broadband Fund that provides the client and server capabilities to deliver the Web Augmented Virtual Earth.

    3map is the basis of the planet-earth project; Ping's Free geospatial search and publishing engine

    3map's rich media experience requires a computer with a 3D acceleration card and a broadband internet connection.

    3map can be deployed on Linux or other Unix servers, and will provide your organisation the capability to publish to the GeoWeb. 3map is based on international standards from the OpenGIS and Web3D consortia. All of our code is open source; there is no licence fee. Contact Ping for more information, and for integration services and support.

    Last Updated Tuesday, October 05 2004 @ 10:38 AM EDT

    3map screenshots:

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